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Meet Marcel!

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THERE are few professions in the world that are hated quite as much as miming. Although nobody's sure why, many find a mime's silence strangely annoying. Here is an excerpt from a recent interview I did with Legopolis' only mime, Marcel Leggo...

Peter: Greetings Marcel. Why don't you tell our loyal readers a little bit about yourself?


Peter: Look...are you going to say anything?


Peter: I need an interview out of you and I'm going to get it.

Peter slaps Marcel in the face.

Marcel mimes pain.

Peter kicks Marcel in the leg.

Marcel: Ow! I'll talk! I'll talk!

Peter: Good. Well...I've always wanted to do that to a mime.

Marcel: I get it a lot.

Peter: Well, tell us. Why did you become a mime?

Marcel: I wanted to make people feel the joy of love.

Peter: And you feel a mime is just the thing to do that?

Marcel: I've never heard a mime complain...have you?

Peter: Is this your primary line of work in Legopolis?

Marcel: Yes. I get quite a lot of money from tips. It's unequaled by the amount of money I collect in lawsuits though. By the way, you'll be hearing from my lawyer.

Peter: Err...yeah. So what do you do to relax?

Marcel: I usually pretend I'm trapped in a glass box. [Laughs] I've killed off quite a few hours that way. Just don't do it if you're drunk...boy was THAT a mistake.

Peter: I'll keep that in mind. One final question before I go... Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Marcel: I'd like to move to France and study the work of mimes there. I love it. I never want to give it up.

Peter: Well thanks for talking with us Marcel. I'm sure it took a lot of effort.

Marcel makes a smile gesture and skips off...

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Special thanks to Patrick Delahanty for his... "helping Peter type in" the interview.

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